We’re invested in your best interests


At Leyton Funds, our philosophy is to build strong partnerships with our clients to realise investments opportunities with the potential for strong risk-adjusted returns.

Through diligent evaluation, opportunistic initial investment and active asset management, we seek to deliver long term stable income and capital growth for our investors.

No two properties are the same and, as such, our investment strategy is unique to each opportunity.

We establish open ended investment Trusts with a defined strategy for each property. By utilising conservative and appropriate debt strategies where it supports and improves investment returns, we actively manage our leverage reflective of the status of debt markets, generally only up to a maximum of 50% of the property asset.

As an ASIC licenced funds manager, every Leyton Funds Investment Trust is established as a standalone investment SPV, managed by two independent Trustees on behalf of our investors. This supports our approach of full transparency and independent decision making, on behalf of, and always with, the best interests of investors.

At Leyton Funds, our experience, network and track record shows that we can assess, and successfully manage, the right opportunities to target outperformance in the property market.


Strategic investment that delivers.
In brief, investors subscribe for units in a Trust.

The Trust

The registered owner of the property via an independent Trustee of the Trust.

The Trustee

Represents the interest of the Trust and Trust’s Unit Holders.

The Investment Manager

Delivers the investment strategy under the direction of the independent Trustee.

An independent audit of the Trust accounts occurs annually, with reporting to co-investors occuring quarterly to ensure all stakeholders remain fully informed about their investment.

Informed decisions you can trust



Investment opportunities are originated and reviewed


Opportunities are compared against market benchmarks


If a property has the potential to provide appropriate risk adjusted returns, further analysis is undertaken and pricing refined


The Leyton Funds Investment Committee reviews the investment thesis of every opportunity and if it is supported, exclusive contractual control over the property is secured


Due diligence is undertaken, utilising independent consultants to validate all aspects of the property prior to finalising the purchase


Following acquisitions, our active asset management process implements the investment strategy to ensure that the property is performing at or above the investment forecast. Regular and detailed reporting keeps investors fully informed


Our property investment and funds management specialists have a proven track record in strong capital gains.
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